Mirayah Delamar: Maui Sacred Earth Belly Dance

Mirayah Delamar Belly Dance

Belly Dance

MIrayah Delamar: Maui Sacred Earth Belly Dance

• Lyrical, Flowing and Stacatto Movement
• With isolation and vibrations
• Extending out from the core of our being
• Healing ourselves and our planet
• Awakening to the Earth’s Feminine Wisdom
SACRED EARTH BELLY DANCE is based on core movement, rooted in traditional rhythms and music of classical and folkloric styles of Mid-Eastern dance. This ancient and innovative feminine art form is rich in texture and grace, woven by the influence of many old and new world cultures. Belly dance citrates and balances vital creative energies, bringing about a powerful synchronization and integration of body, mind and spirit. 

I Celebrate your infinite creation,
I turn and dance in reverence, 
to the rhythms of the universe,
music of the cosmos…
giving form to your seed
that in me lives and grows
into a being of pure Love.

— by Mirayah Delamar 

Sacred Earth Belly Dance Troup: Maui

Maui’s Own: Sacred Earth Belly Dance Troupe, featuring Sa’ahira, Mirayah and Hakele (left to right in photo)